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As both an author and reader I gravitate to stories about relationships: the strengths that form meaningful bonds as well as the many flawed and complicated ways people struggle to find and express love; how we strain to break free from childhood misinterpretations; how we form attachments based on partial, never whole pictures; how weaknesses in certain circumstances can be strengths in others, real or perceived; the morality of love.

To the extent that my first novel, Because She Is Beautiful, explored these themes from a single perspective, it remains in many ways a portrait of a type. My latest novel, which I'm excited to say I have finally completed and am now looking to publish, is more a reflection of our time: intimate in its parts, socially relevant in its sum.

I can't wait for you to read it, and I hope you'll look for it in the future. For other book recommendations, follow me here and on Twitter. Share my site with friends.


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