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Since 2005 the suicide rate among veterans has risen over 26%; and in June of last year, as many vets committed suicide as active soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. From an endless war, to unpunished corporate malfeasance, to an increasingly unrepresented middle class, to a dividing media, we have become a culture of the disconnected—a new lost generation.

How do we rediscover our center? How do we connect?

My recently completed new novel is a love story about desire, money, class distinction, and betrayal. But more so, it is a study of our time--of good but flawed people, living in an era of great irresponsibility, struggling to grow up and not knowing how. It's about connection.

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Selected Works


A search and rescue vet who can save others but not himself. A disillusioned wife who believes she can find herself through an affair. A lawyer who thinks he can save his marriage by making partner. You know, life…

"An eloquent and finely wrought love story that is both tragic and redemptive."

-- Associated Press